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All events take place at Forest Park Nature Center at the foot of Forest Park Drive in Peoria Heights unless otherwise noted.

The public is welcome to attend these free meetings!

Even turkeys come to Peoria Audubon meetings





2017-2018 Calendar of Events

Keep watching, as events will be added throughout the year

September 2017
Wed. Sept. 13 7:00 PM @ FPNC


Membership Meeting - Backyard Bats, Illinois' Bats...

Barbara Williams will be on hand to talk about: Backyard Bats, Illinois' Bats and Why You Should Love Them.  And, immediately following this very special meeting, Barbara said there is a good possibility of going outside and demonstrating an ultrasonic bat detector so the group can see how it works "in real life."  She said, "This can make for a nice informal ending to a lecture." 

October 2017
Wed. Oct. 11 7:00 PM@ FPNC


Membership Meeting - John Mori: Experience the Beauty of Prairies

John Mori will provide a slide show that reveals the delicate beauty of prairies while showing the audience how we can "see" prairies in different ways.  According to John, "We want the audience to experience the prairie, not just look at it." 

Sun. Oct. 22 1:00 -5:00 PM


Field Trip: Dixon Waterfowl Refuge @ Hennepin-Hopper Lakes

Maury Brucker (309-696-5490) will lead a birding trip to 3000-acre Dixon Waterfowl Refuge at the Hennepin-Hopper Lakes north of Peoria along the Illinois River.  We plan on meeting at Forest Park Nature Center in Peoria Heights at 1:00 PM to car pool to the refuge for an afternoon of birding.      

November 2017
Wed. Nov. 8   7:00 PM @ FPNC


Membership Meeting - Chicago Bird Collision Monitors

Annette Prince of the Chicago Bird Collision Monitors, an all-volunteer conservation project dedicated to the protection of migratory birds through rescue, advocacy and outreach, will be with us to show how we can rescue and protect migrating birds.   

December 2017
Wed. Dec. 13   7:00 PM @ FPNC


Membership Meeting - Jim Herkert; Illinois Audubon Society

Jim Herkert, Executive Director of Illinois Audubon Society will be with us to discuss birds, Illinois Audubon and a vision of new conservation opportunities. 

Sat. Dec. 16


Christmas Bird Count - Peoria

Contact Mike Miller (309) 681-2825 to participate 

Sat. Dec. 23 Christmas Bird Count - Chautauqua

Contact Sig Bjorklund (309) 968-6502 to participate

Sat. Dec. 30

Christmas Bird Count - Chillicothe

Contact Tracy Fox (309) 369-2017 to participate

January 2018
Wed. Jan. 10   6:30 PM @ FPNC


Membership Meeting - Annual Potluck & Slide/Meida Show

Bring your CD of jpgs, videos, or slide carousel, table service and a covered dish to share.  Members share photo/video highlights from the year. Christmas Bird Count results will be presented. Note the earlier 6:30 starting time.  As always, guests are welcome! 

February 2017
Wed. Feb. 14   7:00 PM @ FPNC


Membership Meeting - International Crane Foundation

Michael Poehls of the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI will be with us to talk about the successes and challenges facing conserving cranes and the ecosystems, watersheds, and flyways that cranes - in particular endangered Whooping Cranes - depend on. 

March 2018
Sat. Mar. 3    7:00 AM - 4:30 PM Birding the Illinois River - Waterfowl Trip

Join us as we hit the birding hotspots along the Illinois River in search of waterfowl. Transportation in a Peoria Park District van, snacks, and lunch at a Havana restaurant are included.  The areas we visit depend on where scouting reports show the birds to be, but will probably include Spring Lake, Chautauqua, Emiquon and Rice Lake. Timing of this trip is optimized for the for spring migration of waterfowl. 

Pre-registration Required.  Fee; $45/person (Audubon and Nature Center members receive a $5 discount) Call Forest Park Nature Center at (309)686-3360 for more information.

Wed. Mar. 14   7:00 PM @ FPNC


Membership Meeting - Brian Doerfler: Birding and Blogging

Brian Doerfler will be with us to talk all about birding and blogging

April 2018
Wed. Apr. 11   7:00 PM @ FPNC


Membership Meeting - Pete Fenner: Costa Rica Extravaganza

Pete Fenner made it back from a birding trip to Costa Rica where he took "zillions" of pictures and stories to share.  Pete promises to share in the enthusiasm.

May 2018
Sat. May 5 Illinois 2018 Spring Bird Count

Statewide survey of birds.  This bird count is timed to be at the peak of spring migration.  The Peoria Audubon Society organizes teams to participate in the Statewide count.  Contact Mike Miller at (309) 681-2858, Peoria County compiler, for more information and to volunteer. 

Wed. May 9   7:00 PM @ FPNC


Membership Meeting: Ethical Birding and Conservation

We will be hosting a panel discussion with experts on Ethical Birding and Conservation. A moderator will be posing controversial questions to the experts who will have brief responds with their opinions.  With controversial issues, the audience could weigh in with their opinions and maybe we would have the audience raise their hands to vote. 

Details and the questions are being developed.  We thought this forum would be a good way to get some answers and provoke intelligent discussion. 



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