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Local Birding

Spring Creek Preserve

Directions The Spring Creek Preserve is located on the east side of Highway 116 just off the north end of East Peoria (see above map).  Note the new parking lot just off Spring Creek Road.   

Spring Creek Preserve - Downloadable Trail Map

eBird Birding Hotspot Map

Description The 262 acre park is still under development.  It is home to many species of birds, trees, shrubs, and wildflowers.  Several hiking trails are now mowed and maintained.  Several of the trails go over 200 feet higher than the parking lot nto the surrounding bluffs.  Several trails have stream crossings, which are dry much of the year. 

Fon du Lac Park District Website

Commonly Seen Birds Spring/Fall -- Warblers and other woodland spring migrants. 

Summer -- Various woodland species.  

Hiking and Birding the Spring Creek Preserve

Creek in Spring Creek Preserve

Birding while Hiking the Spring Creek Preserve

Creek in the Spring Creek Preserve


Trails May Cross Creek in Places (Usually Dry)


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