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MSWRD Wetland Field Trip

Metropolitan Sanitary Water Reclamation District

Photo Gallery:

Field Trip: Saturday April 23, 2011                  Previous Page 1  2

In the afternoon, Thad took us to a wooded area to look for woodland species.  After walking a short distance down the lane, we noticed a Red-headed Woodpecker flitting about and going in and out of its nest hole. 

Audubon Birders Strolling Through MSWRD Woods 

You can view the woodpecker's nest hole in the photo below.  

Red-headed Woodpecker and Nest

We encountered perhaps 10 or so Yellow-rumped Warblers flitting about as they fed.  Note the Myrtle Warbler plumage variation of this species was once considered to be a different species.  It was only in 1973 that the American Ornithologists Union elected to group the Audubon's Warbler with the Myrtle Warbler (along with a Mexican and Guatemalan variation) into the Yellow-rumped Warbler. 

Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle Plummage)

Ruby-crowned Kinglet

One of the more elusive birds we watched in the woods was the Ruby-crowned Kinglet.  This bird was almost continually going from branch to branch of a cedar tree making it very difficult to photograph.  Thad noted the old way to remember the difference between Ruby-crowned and Golden-crowned Kinglets.  The Ruby-crowned has an eye ring.  Remember that the ruby goes with the ring.  You can see the elusive eye ring in the above photo.  Although this bird is well known for it's ruby crown, most of the time it is hidden. 

Chipping Sparrow

There were several Chipping Sparrows going into the path in the woods

Sue Photographing Gray Tree Frog

After Joanna spotted the Gray Tree Frog in the branches, everyone wanted to get a picture.

Thad Helping Get a Better View

Thad knew how timid these frogs were as he had a few of them at his house.  Thad carefully pulled back a branch to let Sue get a closer picture. 

Gray Tree Frog

Everyone was amazed at how loud these tree frogs can be for being such a small size. 

Pied-billed Grebe

As we drove around, we got close enough to a Pied-billed Grebe to take a reasonable picture.

The Peoria Audubon Society wishes to thank the Chicago Metropolitan Sanitary Water Reclamation District for allowing us to visit this unique place. 

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Photos courtesy of Dennis Endicott - All rights reserved

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